Interior,Offices,Restaurants,Recepton,Houses,Public Building,Department stores

Banquet,Luxury,commercial Space,pre- sale exhibition house,360 degree panorama view、360-degree Videos.

Cautions :

Please have a complete drawing information containing the plan, elevation , and construction plans, and the clear angle position of 3D . Please attach a reference picture furniture

Project  :

Outdoor construction , landscape design 3D design , perspective outsourcing, outsourcing 3D


rendering Fu also Chengchi Thai construction segment sales 3D text Thailand also rich Zhongxiao construction segment sales 3D text Longyan 3D cemetery planning this Beautiful Mind Construction of Wei Meng Tian Lake 3D case planning sales Ilan dragonfly stone houses with home design and appearance of 3D planning Difulunsi international planning design Emeishan 3D building planning

VR technology has changed the traditional showings experience to bring a sense of realism and on-site customer is difficult to compare , consumers do not need to see the cover has been out of the sample house, But through the ultimate feel immersive VR technology through to the experience of the next house.

VR showings no longer make space restrictions , easy distance showings, international showings , takes you into the home of the future !

material replacement , replacement of furniture items Small space immersive , pre- sale exhibition house Virtual Reality 

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